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SI Internacionalização 1971 | 42187 | SI Inovação 349 | SI Inovação 33472

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Traceability - the Barrels DNA

A major management processes that ensure the product certification as to the origin of the wood and its natural drying is the tracing system that we have that allows us to know the encoding of the barrels, engraved on the ends of the staves in the main top.

This same identification number allows us to get to the source of lot of wood or whatever the forest of origin, its transformation ever undertaken by us and the time that remained in the park drying, ie also the whole drying process, as well as all manufacturing operations.

This is a simple but very efficient and easy system to track with the help of our software production supervision allows us to have a real-time record of where each barrel produced in our company, and this provides valuable information for customer ensuring a homogeneous range of the vintage vintage drums.


The Cooperage J.M. Gonçalves , certified by Bureau Veritas Certification , cares for quality control of the different steps of the manufacturing process, from upstream ( wood ) , passing through all the stages of manufacture to the downstream (the wine ).

The different forms of product coding are also guaranteed by the procedures of the quality management system and food safety Cooperage J. M. Gonçalves:

· Certifications calibration of all measuring equipment and Monitoring used during the production process ;
· Systematic Elimination of all defective wood during the acquisition phase of the staves ;
· Separation of systematic kinds of grain;
· Follow the whole process of drying and maturation of the staves together with Bureau Veritas Inspection ;
· Control the humidity of the wood ;
· Heat treatment : control of binomial time / temperature by measuring equipment calibrated by the Institute of Welding and Quality ( probes and lasers ) , with the level of burning defined protocols , and with the aim of obtaining the homogenisation of firings guaranteed Bureau Veritas Certification .
· Control the tightness of the barrel with double test ;
· Final inspection of finish.

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